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A7N8X-VM/400 with VS1GB400C3


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I have a post in other forum, which I will reproduce here.


Have a A7N8X-VM/400 with VS1GB400C3 memory (one stick). I'm not concerned in having DualChannel.

I'm using onboard video, so it's running in PC2700 (333 MHz) mode, the processor is a Sempron 2400+ (FSB=333 MHz).

Memory timings 3-3-3-7.


Run memtest86 and it came up with a few errors, all in the range 516,6MB to 541,4MB.

The error count in each line of error in memtest is exactly 1, and the error bits are aways "00001000".

The errors aways happen in tests #5, #6, and #7 of memtest and are consistent over the executions.

It's not possible to change memory voltage in this MOBO.

I was told to replace the stick for one which have 333MHz speed specified (like CMX512-2700C2 or VS1GB333).

Anyone has knowledge if this MOBO has problems running 400MHz memory and if it has to do with the onboard video ?



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Yes, if you use the onboard Video you are limited to DDR333. This is a chipset limitation. Do you have a PCI or AGP card you use to test the system?


My processor has 333 FSB, so I'm ok with this limitation.

But, the errors in memtest ? Are they clock frequency related, even if the freq. in use is 166MHz (with a 200MHz stick) ?

Do I report a bad stick to my reseler ? Or I just ask to have It replaced because an incompatibility problem ?


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If you have the option to set the timings manually that might solve that problem and I would set them manually to Cass 2.5-3-3-7 at DDR333.


Athought the BIOS doesn't have a way to change memory timings, memtest has, and for the sake of testing, I think, it should be the way to go. I tested it with the exact timings and frequency you gave and, again, problems around 512MB. If the change in memtest is effective, then the whole thing came up again.


Results are in PNG attachment.


I've ran memtest previously (2 whole nights) with default memory settings (3-3-3-7), and the column (6) was aways the same (equal as shown above), and the addresses were around the ones given.

Note that the results above are not of a entire-night run of memtest.


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