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Managing two types of fans


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So I’ve sen a lot of different opinions on this that makes me unsure how it actually works. I’m going almost full Corsair Build (4000D Airflow, h100i elite capellix and 4x LL120 fans) and I’m not sure how to manage those two types of fans. From what I saw, you can’t have two different types of fan on a single commander pro, so now I’m not sure how to connect them to work properly. Does anyone have any simple answer?:biggrin:
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Specifically for the Commander Core that comes with the Elite series AIOs…it doesn’t matter. That controller is different than the prior models and it works on a per header basis. With LL and ML-Elite fans (16 and 8 LEDs) it will make them all “base 16 LL fans”.


You might notice a slight hesitation as dynamic effects pass through the top ML-8 fans. However, there is no solution for that in using an extra controller and that would create two separate lighting zones and not unify the two different types. You can split the fans into separate lighting groups in the software if you want the fans to do different patterns (LL vs ML-E or otherwise).


16+8 is a decent pairing. There are other combinations like QL and ML-4 that are more drastic in contrast. I can’t think of any reason to use two controllers for this particular setup. All the fans will work and the limitations are in the fan geometry. You can’t make a fan with no outer light ring do a light ring effect. That doesn’t change with one controller or two.

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