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K68 RGB Lighting not working properly

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I have a K68 RGB keyboard and I am having a great deal of trouble getting my keyboard lighting to work. When I unplug and replug in my keyboard, everything works except the lighting.


I have tried holding ESC when plugging the keyboard back in and the rainbow effect lights up but the keys won’t register any input. After using the ESC method in the software there is a red triangle at the bottom corner of the K68 icon on icue and I can’t click to see my profiles set for the keyboard.


When I unplug again im back at square 1, where everything works except the lighting, and when I normally unplug and replug I check in icue and my profiles are there, however the effects aren’t showing in the software and when I try and add effects no matter what color I select the icon is grey and the software doesn’t show the effect in app.


I have also tried moving it to another USB port but that does not work as well.


I am also up to date with both keyboard firmware updates and icue updates




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Based on the screenshot you shared you have not actually set the effect correctly. Press the + button underneath what looks like the graph, or instead of utilizing the SOLID effect, utilize the Static Color effect instead which is more of what you are expecting.
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