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Corsair Link for ONE Case LED control

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So I have been around this forum for a bit now. I have a 2017 Corsair ONE which I have fully upgraded.


I want to find out (from Corsair or anyone who has worked this out) if it is possible to control the case LEDs using the custom Corsair link program for the ONE when using a different motherboard.


The reason I'm asking is because I have been able to make the program work well using the version in this link https://forum.corsair.com/v2/showthread.php?t=206376 which I know we need when updating to the latest windows 10 version. Corsair link is able to read CPU temps and load % as usual, storage drive temps, GPU temps. It also reads coolant temp, pump RPM, case fan RPM and it even lets me set the fan speed to either default value or max and it all seems to work as it used to with the original MSI motherboard. The only thing it doesn't read is motherboard sensors but I kind of figured that would be because the OG motherboard was custom. And there is no control over the case LEDs.


The thing is, in the original MSI motherboard, the case LEDs where just connected to the normal JLED1 connector so I figured it shouldn't be any different to connecting to any motherboard on the RGB LED1 connector. But alas, it doesn't work.


The motherboard I'm using is an ASRock z490m ITX. I've connected the case LEDs to the RGB_LED1 connector and I know I can control the LEDs using their own software (which is how it's set up currently) but I am wondering why Corsair link doesn't seem to control them even though it can pretty much do everything else.


Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

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