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OpenRGB runs rings around iCue for compatability

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As far as I'm aware, they're not breaking any ToS or infringing on copyright.



Without any other at all, OpenRGB detects my:



  • K70 Keyboard
  • H100i Cooler
  • Vengeance Pro RGB RAM



  • Prime X370 Pro Motherboard



  • Rival 100 Mouse



  • GTX 1070 Ti FTW GPU (I don't have this any more but it did work with OpenRGB)


It effortlessly runs, allows you to change LED's too all colours, sync devices and has some rudimentary effects. And the best part? It does this with ZERO additional software installed.


Corsair really seems to struggle in this regard and it's just such a shame. You have to faff around with additional software and then a beta link software to get Asus motherboards LED working. There's just zero compatability for Steelseries mice. GPU's? Unless it's Asus, forget it.




How is it, that a group of complete amateurs with limited coding experience, can group together on Discord and produce beta software that outstrips Corsair's stability, CPU presence and compatability?


OpenRGB is on release v0.6 and each time new features get added.


Don't get me wrong, they can't even hold a candle to the breadth of lighting effects Corsair provides, but it's kind of ruined when the visor effect skips over my Steelseries mouse or my Asus Motherboard LED strip.


Or when I get a rainbow effect and it clashes with the rainbow effect that the motherboard plays by default.



I had really hoped that the 4.0 version of iCue would give some much-needed compatability. They're just LED's on a product that can be addressed via software - what's so difficult?

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Well, the OpenRGB are a bunch of passionate coders with no management or bean counters to interfere with their work, and they listen to users feedback constantly

Corsair dev team works their 9 to 5 in a corporate environment, working on a closed ecosystem :)


They are not less competent, but i guess they only do what they are asked to do. Otherwise there 's no way one of the biggest player would still be the one with the worst support software.

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I've been considering using this since corsair and asus think fancy GUIs with pictures are good, and corsair support is consistently useless (people that just google things and know less about the product than I do) and doesn't respond. Although I must say armoury crate is waaaaay worse than icue with its additional useless features... I just want RGB control that isn't bloated and doesn't reset hardware lighting constantly.


does it support hardware lighting so I can set it once and forget it?

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Hi. What lighting effects would you be interested in OpenRGB supporting?


Marquee please!


My last build had 4 rules for RGB - NO Aura, NO Armoury Crate, NO iCue, and NO Thermaltake TT RGB Plus. I have the following devices with RGB.


  • Asus X570 mobo (Dark Hero)
  • G.Skill Trident-Z RGB RAM
  • 7 Corsair QL series fans (bling over function)
  • Fractal Celsius+ AIO pump
  • Thermaltake PSU with a Riing Duo fan


I decided to go with AquaComputer for fan and RGB control. The AquaSuite fan control is light years beyond iCue, so fan and pump speed control is covered. For RGB, I put in 2 Farbwerk360 RGBpx controllers and some Aquacomputer RGBpx LED strips. AquaSuite RGBpx control is very extensive and powerful, but there are certain RGB effects that Corsair offers that Aquasuite does not. Marquee is the one I am interested in. Since I have 7 Corsair QL series fans, I have 2 Lighting Node Cores. Since I refuse to install iCue, I can use SIV or OpenRGB to control these. SIV has a Marquee preset but OpenRGB does not. Aquasuite has adapters to control Corsair RGB fans, and a bunch of great presets, but nothing like Marquee. So right now I have RGB control set up as follows:


  • Asus Mobo and G.Skill RAM - OpenRGB
  • Corsair QL fans - SIV using Marquee preset
  • Fractal Pump LEDs - Aquasuite
  • Aquacomputer RGBpx LED strips - Aquasuite
  • Thermaltake PSU fan - NO CONTROL


Progress! While I have managed to not install any of the 4 "forbidden" RGB apps, I still have 2 separate RGB control programs running, plus SIV (which is primarily a system monitoring utility that happens to be able to control some Corsair devices). If OpenRGB had a Marquee preset, I could move the QL fans from SIV control to OpenRGB control. I am also hoping that OpenRGB can detect and control the Riing Duo fan in the Thermaltake PSU, which defaults to Unicorn Vomit. I think maybe it can but have not tried it yet. The PSU fan RGB is only accessible via USB, so I cant' connect it to a Lighting Node Core RGB port or a Farbwerk360 RGBpx port without opening up the PSU to get to the fan RGB control cable.


The other big thing that I would love to see added to OpenRGB is some basic RGB effect layering. iCue and Aquasuite support layering but SIV and OpenRGB do not. There are some RGB layered effects I had previously set up in iCue that I don't think could be duplicated in any other RGB control program that I am aware of. I wish I could use these complex layered effects, but not so much that I would install iCue on this system. I am not asking for or expecting the level of layering control that iCue offers. Just some basic layering capability.

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