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h115i not keeping up with stock i7

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Hi guys!

So after a few hours reading the forum trying to find anything related to my issue with no avail I decided to post my specific problem.


I've been running an 8700k on an z370 gaming 7 with a front mounted h115i push config for a couple of months, with not noticeable problems, but then I started using UnrealEngine, the moment its rendering/shader compiling anything CPU heavy, my water temps rise from low 30~ to 43~46 and my CPU goes up and above 90º, reaching 99º (when I stop everything) and decided to check what's happening.


Previouly I used to game and do "normal" stuff, I do believe that wasn't CPU heavy enough for me to notice the high rise in temps.


Tried CPU-z CPU stress, but it doesn't brings the temp as high( 87º max) for 10min runs. tried IXU with similar results.


cold boot and idle temps range is 31 ~33 for water and 38~40 for CPU, room temp is around 25º


Case setup rear exhaust front intake 240 Noctua NH-14L mounted on the h115i rad. in a Dark base pro 900.


I've tried all the tricks in the book, re-seated, reapplied TIM, open case, close case nothing seems to make a change.


I previously had the rad on top with push-exhaust but the temps were higher do GFX heating up the inside of the case.


Now I'm left with the question of what's wrong? is it the h115i that's done for, or the CPU/MB ? I can't RMA since theses are 4years old hardware so it would mean re-investing in new hardware, that I don't really want to as of right now.


All the help would be appreciated.


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A 13 to 16C coolant rise suggests there is the beginnings of a flow problem or you have some environmental control issues. 13-16C is about twice the expected rise for an 8700K at any settings.


Ambient temp or a lack of airflow can do this to you all the same. Presumably the case air temp is also not heating up to 45C, but it is possible and other users run into this. It seems like you are running the radiator as front intake, so that is usually not a large factor. However, other users in the past have had issues with the Dark Pro cases and airflow. The case is designed to be quiet and that means keeping energy in, including heat. You might try popping off the front exterior panel or side door to see if this affects coolant temperature, but the ultimately this is what happens to a sealed non-maintenance cooler eventually. You do have a 5 year warranty, if you still have the purchase invoice.

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