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H115I RGB Pro XT no information about fans in ICUE

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I just recently got a prebuilt PC a friend of mine recommended.


But I have a small problem with my cooler and Corsair ICUE and that is that the fans are shown there, but at 0 RPM and I can't change the fanspeed either as I tried a custom curve at 1700RPM and nothing moved. They're also not moving in idle, but that might be intended. I can control the pump of the cooler without a problem.




This is a screenshot from hwmonitor after like ~10minutes into a game.




idk why the pump speed is that absurd, in ICUE it shows at 2400.


https://i.imgur.com/LjYVtdp.png the temps in Corsair ICUE


Now should I be worried that something is wrong with my prebuilt? If so, how can I fix it or maybe it's just a software issue?

EDIT:The motherboard I use is the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi, Intel Z490

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The pump speed is 2400 rpm when on balanced. Quiet ~2000 rpm and Extreme ~2800 rpm.


Did you connect the radiator fans to the pump fan splitter? If not and they went to the motherboard, then the motherboard is in control. The CUE software can only control things connected to it's hardware.

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Pumps and fans don't count revolutions in exactly the same way. The MB is showing a raw number, but that needs to be divided by 2 to show the user expected speed. The Corsair software does that automatically.


The two radiator fans will not be controllable through CUE as long as they are on CPU-FAN. If you want them to software controlled, move them to the AIO splitter. This is the recommended set-up and allows the fans to run from coolant temperature rather than the more volatile CPU temp. You don't need or want the fans to jump up and down every time the CPU twitches and changes temp by 20C.

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My general recommendation is people use the AIO’s fan controller. It works at all times, software running or not. You can base the speed on coolant temperature allowing smoother, less dynamic fan changes. This also is how the system works. The cpu cooling is conductive and your temp is mostly the result of voltage. You can’t do anything about that, but the cooler keeps it from being worse. Heat is dumped into the liquid, then transported to the radiator and blown off elsewhere. As long as you keep a low to medium speed, heat continues to be dumped out. You don’t need the fans to jump around in response the cpu activity.


It’s not uncommon for builders to connect the radiator fans directly to the mb. That guarantees they will spin and user can’t easily defeat that. They don’t have control over the CUE software installed or future updates, so this is the safer option on their end. If you don’t notice the radiator fans currently, then you can leave them be. You can’t make the cpu cooler with one choice or the other. You can make them less noticeable (noise/speed changes) by putting them on the AIO.

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