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H115i RGB Connections to Motherboard

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I am installing the H115i on the Giagbyte TRX40 Aorus Wi-Fi motherboard. There are 2 cables marked RGB Hub that are unkeyed. Do these get connected to anything? If connected to the motherboard RGB headers which direction do they go. Is there a pinout?





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I don't know what exact model of H115i you have but usually there's a cable harness that comes out of the pump with the RGB connexions for the two fans.


These are ARGB fans (5V digital). Do NOT plug them to the 4 pin RGB headers from the motherboard, these are 12V analog. It will blow up LEDs :)

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The Platinum cooler has two fan cable sets. One is for the RGB wires on the fans. The other for PWM speed control. The fan wires should be labeled.


There is a 3 pin (1 wire) cable from the pump to the motherboard cpu fan header. This is the tachometer wire and it also serves a safety function to notify if the pump does not start on power up. You also have a mini-usb to 9 pin internal usb 2 cable. This is required to control the cooler and is the link between software and device.

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