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First Build, Help a noob out ;)


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I'm building my first pc and I'm stuck on connecting the fans.


- I have two Corsair ML Fans (no RGB) on the bottom for intake

- 2 Corsair LL Fans (RGB) on top And 1 on the left top as Outtake

- 3 Corsair LL Fans Pushing air true my NXZT Kraken Z73 on the front

- 3 NXZT Fans that came with the Kraken Z73 Pulling air true the radiator


I have 2 corsair RGB hubs for 6 fans each and 2 lighting nodes. (they came with the three packs)


Can I sync the 3 Corsair LL fans on the radiator with the 3 NXZT fans and the CPU pump. (can I make them spin at the same speeds as temps rise?)


Do I need a commander PRO?

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If all you are interested in is sync'ing the fan speeds, you may be able to just use splitters on the fan connections on the pump. I'm not sure if the NZXT pump can handle the extra power, however. If it can't, the other alternative is to get a PWM Hub - you can connect that to one of the PWM output cables from the pump and then connect fans to it. All of the fans on the hub will receive the same PWM signal.

Note, however, that the actual RPMs may not be the same - they'll share the same PWM signal. Different fans will have different RPMs for the same PWM signal ... and even at the same RPM, different fans will have different performance characteristics.

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Thanks for the reply


What if I connect the bottom ML fans to the motherboard with a splitter.


Connect the three corsair LL fans (in the front pushing) to the cpu fan header with a 3 way splitter (Are they gonna spin faster as temps rise?)


Connect the kraken z73 (fans,pump) to the aio pump header


Connect the outtake fans on top to a hub or the commander pro

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The fans on the cooler will be controlled based on the coolant temperature.


Fans on your motherboard will be controlled based on CPU temperature.


They will be very, very different. If you want the fans to move together, you have to tie them to the same control source. With an AIO, using CPU temperature isn't really a good control source - the fans aren't cooling the CPU (directly) but, instead, they are cooling the coolant in the radiator.

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I finished the build and everything works just fine. I unplugged the the fans from the commander pro to do cable management and after that I noticed that my 6# fan (top left case fan) was spinning at 570 rpm while all the rest was spinning at 850 (fixed speed).

I forced all the updates in icue and selected 4 pins an all of them.


In icue the 6# fan keeps going from 0 rpm to 4400 rpm.

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