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Corsair CX650F aRGB button problem

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my problem is that after buying a brand new Corsair CX650F PSU and plugging everything together (without rgb cable) the aRGB leds on the PSU stay solid white and not responding to the RGB controller on the back of the PSU. No matter how many times i reset the system, unplug everything and back the leds just stay white.


I made a video also to demonstrate the problem.



If anyone know how to do a factory reset or some sort for the RGB pls let me know. Thanks

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Nothing connected to the rgb in socket. It looks like its stuck thinking the RGB is software controlled but its not. That is why i tried to search for factory reset or some sort but 0 luck.


About the video, nothing harmful i uploaded there is just my onedrive where i was able to upload the video i made of the problem but i know people on the internet can say anything.

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Hello everyone I thought maybe it would be preferred that I added to this thread instead of starting a new one since the issue is the same it seems.  I bought this PSU New and nothing is attached to the RGB socket as my PC doesn't have RGB at all so I'm using the PSU just as a PSU but the RGB is just on and doing it's thing and the button at the back doesn't seem to do anything when I press it and I think maybe it feels wrong when I press it so maybe it's broken from the factory.  I wanted to first ask here if anyone could tell me how the button should feel when pressed and what it should actually do please ? I know I am going to have to send it back but I'm going to be without my PC while I wait for the new one.  How long do they normally take to replace a unit ?  I should mention that I bought mine from Amazon so I'm probably going to get screwed over right?  Anyway cheers and hopefully someone will reply to me thanks. Peace.

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