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icue 4.13 high cpu and power usage

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Since install the newest version yesterday, my AIO cooler temperature is running unusual high all the time. Upon checking windows task manager, i can see CPU usage idle is around 9%. 1 or 2 core temp is 56 while nothing is going on. Further checking, i can see that Corsair Icue is using 9% with high power usage orange icon next to it.


The computer was fresh booted into windows...

The work i around that i have was to close out Corsair iCUe.. wait one min, and then restart the icue and the CPU usuage and power usage on iCUE seems to disappear. But after a while, it will creep up again. Is there a leakage of CPU or Memory with this release?

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So.. i recover my computer from July 7 image prior to 4.13. I am back on 4.12. In Icue, uncheck the plugin and sdk. Update to 4.13. It seeems to works fine. No more hugging the CPU and use high power.


Backgroud: I have Asus Aura to control my RAM and Motherboard. On Corsair side, i have 2 commander Pro, 4 light strip, about 12 ML fans. Some are RGB, some is just ML Pro. H115i with Push/Pull Configuration. Since i have many left over ML Pro fan... i even got one fan blowing on NVME, another on AIO.


However, one thing i notice. Every time i restart my computer. On Dashboard, the tiles within the Commander Pro seems to rearrange themself. I have to drag and rearrange them. THis is sooo annoy...

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