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SF750: 3 PCIe Cables required: Can I take an additional PCIe from Premium Cable Kit?


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Sorry for opening another thread but I can't find an answer here and I have to prepare my RTX3080 video card change.


@OP you can use an SF750, but just know that it is the minimum wattage that your would need for the card, I would suggest if you do use this PSU, I would avoid heavy overclocking.


I would suggest follow this recommended PSU table from tomshardware.




Thank you for your support and the very helpful link which shows clearly my next SFF Alderlake built needs a stronger SFX PSU. Hopefully there will be SF850+ in future.


What my SF750 concerns: I'm not overclocking.


My RTX 3080 needs 3 x 8-Pin-PCIe.


The SF750 has only 2 PCIe splitting in two connectors. So is there a difference using 1 PCIe and 1 PCIe splitted in two and on the other hand using 3 discrete PCIe cables? I mean do I get more wattage with 3 separate PCIe cables or doesn't it matter.


Can I use one of the PCIe cables from the Premium PSU Cable Kit for the SF750?



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if the PSU has a free connector it won't hurt :)

In general it's not necesary to use 3 discrete cables unless you heavily overclock or shunt mod, but it looks badass.

3090s that are rated higher still use 2x PCIE.

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I still don't get it.


My SF750 has 4 PCIe slots. One for CPU. 3 slots free for PCIe.

My RTX 3080 needs mandatorily 3 PCIe cables.



There a 2 ways to connect:



One PCIe directly in slot one.

Next PCIe which is splitted in 2 cables in slot two and three.



3 different PCIe cables in slot one, two and three.

2 PCIe cables from the package.

1 PCIe cable from the Premium PSU Cable Kit which I have lying around.



So does it make any difference and if in which way? Does it suffice chosing the split solution 1.) and are there any advantages in 2.)?

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My Corsair cable box has lots of single PCIe cables and pigtail PCIe cables.


I have many power pig cards and I found the single cable and pigtail combination works with cards want three PCIe cable connections.


Try a R9 Fury card which needs over 300W of power to run it. The RX 480 was actually slightly more powerful while using less power.

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