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ICue 4 Errors & LS100 Questions

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I'm used a lot of Corsair gear/equipment with my system and a few other systems I have. I've mostly had good luck and experience with Corsair with a minimal of issues.


However I was having an issue with ICUE 4 all of a sudden not starting at windows startup. It had always in t he past since I upgraded to it. I could not pin down an exact time when it started to when I may have changed something. Though really the biggest thing I would have done in that time is either uninstalled, installed or reinstalled games, updated windows (most likely culprit) and updated other random drivers for my system.


I did check the option for startup with windows and was checked and it was enabled in windows startup. I finally had time today to just uninstall and reinstall it and that seemed to work. However when I clicked on ICUE icon in my tray I got these to error boxes and I don't know why. I have latest version of Nvidia drivers for my RTX 3090 (won a newegg shuffle after months) so I'm not sure what the heck or if just some random fluke error from a fresh install and restart after?


My other question is in regards to ICUE 4. I noticed when I upgraded to it the lighting section for lighting strips seem to look like it was not compatible with the LS100 lighting strips. Which I have 2 LS100 250mm strips in my case and had hooked to my Commander pro and used to just have them set as light strips with a bunch of LED's (don't recall the exact setting) but it worked like that. Now there are options for 250mm, 350mm, 450mm and a 1.4m strip. I can't seem to get mine to work on anything but the 1.4m strip option and even then sometimes the strips don't work or only 1 of them works or only 1 of them partially works. I played with ICUE4 prior to today and today and still getting same issues. Any suggestions?




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