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Icue lags/stuttering fps drops

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Hello, I installed Windows 11 build 22000.65 after having various problems on my windows 10 installation. i did a clean install with the latest icue version 4.13.223 and i noticed that icue will lag ( rgb stuttering) if anything is doing light cpu usage. Its more noticeable with a game ( here csgo ) , just going in the main menu causes insane rgb stuttering as well as random lags and fps drop in the game.

The only solution that i found was to go in the icue settings and restart the corsair service multiple times until the rgb doesn’t stutter anymore.

Can someone look into it ?


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I had to uninstall iCUE until this is solved as I was seeing major stuttering as well. Thought it was temps or voltage due to a new graphics card that I recently installed but, it ended up being iCUE. Was causing my system to fail 3dMark stress tests which it normally passed.


I also did a fresh install and noticed that the stutter came back after installing iCUE. So, I re-imaged from a backup, uninstalled iCUE and no more stutter. I'll be watching updates to see if they resolve this issue before re-installing. Kind of sad because I can't run any lighting or custom fan curves until they do.

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Hello, I installed Windows 11 build 22000.65 after having various problems..


Well, you can imagine what the response is going to be when you install a Developer version of an OS 6 months before its public release. However, it’s not clear if you were having CUE problems and thus updated to Win 11 or were having OS problems and therefore tried your luck on yesterday’s Developer Release of Win 11. Either way I would start with doing a repair install of Cue from the Windows Apps menu (Yes, even if you just installed it). Click on Corsair iCUE, select ‘modify’, and follow the prompts. This tends to clean up weird issues especially those involving system integration problems.


You might also post your hardware specs - MB, CPU, Corsair devices.

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I was having drivers issues on windows 10. Not knowing wich drivers was causing the problem i was forced to reinstall windows so i choose to install W11 as i saw was stable enough for a everyday use. ( i was using the previous version of icue 4 on my W10 )

I tried repairing Icue but it didnt changed the problem.

When Icue starts, any type of light/heavy load on the cpu will cause icue to lag the rgb effect that is synced between my multiple devices

( K70 mk2 LP , Dark Core RGB Pro and Virtuoso XT )

Only fix was to manually go into the settings and force the restart of the icue service but i have to do that at every restart which is annoying.

I also suspect it to cause massive fps instability before restarting the service.


My pc is a TongFang GM5MPHW with a Viewsonic XG270 using Dgpu only mode

(I7-10875H / RTX 2070 Super Max-P / 32Go 2666mhz )

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Ok, so prior driver issues. Light stuttering pops up sometimes with fans and other internal lighting, but it’s not common for the kB/mouse. Make sure you have your Chipset (usb) drivers from the motherboard manufacturer installed.


The other thing you might try is unplugging the Virtuoso and see if it makes a difference. Sound drivers can be a royal pain at times, escalating to nightmare if they get entangled with system operations. Open the task manager and sort by CPU%. See if “system interrupts” is rising toward the top.

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I just got my first Corsair keyboard, the K95 Platinum XT and installed ICue 4 (latest version) and suddenly my games became unplayable due to fps lag. So its now Nov 2021 and the app is still a buggy mess. It is the same with Asus lighting program for my motherboard which I had to kill.

I am also on windows 11 but this laggy Icue  as been around for years from what I have read. Any fix apart from uninstalling the program as then I lose the ability to use macro keys.


If there is no fix the keyboard will get returned as not working.

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I just wanted to resurrect this and confirm that iCue causes GPU usage to drop to under 10% when moving your mouse and causes massive frame drops and huge stutters.

You can still keep the software installed. I did 3 things that cleared up the stutters. I can't tell you which one it was, or if it was all three, but I shotgunned it because I was tired of screwing with it.

  1. Set Affinity to 1 or 2 CPU cores. I set mine to core 10 and 11. This is under Task Manager/Details
  2. Set Priority to low (right next to Affinity)
  3. Disable full screen optimizations for the iCue software (under Properties tab).

After doing these three things I have all my frames back and my RGB still works! GPU utilization jumped from 33% to 90% and everything smoothed out.

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Neither Nvidia nor Corsair seem to be interested in a fix for this.
Which is actually very embarrassing for them. 

Howeverm the stuttering issues can be resolved as well by disabling: NVIDIA LocalSystem Container
- Hit the windows key on your keyboard
- Type msconfig and hit enter
- disable the NVIDIA LocalSystem Container (remove the checkmark on the service)
- Reboot - issues should be solved now.

So far i was unable to find anything that would not work by doing this and you can enjoy lag free games. 

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