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Initial Thoughts on the Commander Core XT


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I was most intrigued to see the Commander Core XT released with the new 7000X cases. The Commander Core with the Capellix coolers is OK, I guess ... more of a meh, IMHO. So I was curious to see what would come with the XT version.

And ... well, since Corsair finally had a case that wasn't too big (the 1000D, which I drool over but is just too big) and wasn't too small (the 5000D), it was time to move on over to that. So ... I had to get one and it just came in. First thing first was to pull out the Commander Core XT - it is well attached with super sticky pads but it's possible to pull it out. Honestly, I hate that they do this ... what if we want something else in there? Or to move it? Magnets are so much better and I'll be putting magnets on it.


But I digress. Back to the Commander Core XT. I hooked it up to my test bench (with internal USB headers available externally) and plugged it into my test PSU.


Some initial things:

1) With the test PSU off, the CCXT is not detected. So it is not likely to be powered by the USB port. Once the PSU is turned on, it is detected immediately.


2) Like the Commander Core, the XT is PWM only for fan control. This doesn't bother me, in particular - I've become something of a PWM fan snob - but it may be an issue for some (as it has been with the Commander Core).


3) It has 6 RGB fan ports. Now, this is where it gets interesting. You can override the autodetection and force each port to be a different kind of fan. Yes, that's right ... you can have LL, QL, ML, and HD all on the same channel and configure each port individually!! This is awesome!


4) It has a 3-pin RGB port as well. This would be for strips or HydroX or even a Fan Hub. It's the same kind of 3-pin port that we have on the Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro. Though ... I do wonder about some power limits. That's something that I'll have to experiment with.


5) It has this port called "ID". It is a JST-PH4 male socket. That's all I know. What is is or does is a big mystery but I'm sure that Corsair has something planned for it.


6) It takes power from SATA. It does not appear to use the 3.3V rail, just 12V and 5V.


7) It has 2 temp sensors. Now, I'm a big fan of these but I also see that many users have a hard time with where they want to put sensors. So ... not bad.


8) It connects to a motherboard USB 2.0 header. Like all of the Corsair devices, it consumes the both ports but only uses a single port. However, the CCXT has the 2nd USB port exposed and available as a daisy-chain. Both rows have pins but only 1 is connected. You'll just need to make sure that you match the pins. This is long overdue and really truly an excellent step up from Corsair on this!




Now ... I was considering building this into an FAQ but ... well ... we can't edit posts except for a short period afterwards. So the running FAQs like we've done before isn't really something that can happen any longer, unfortunately.

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