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Solution for poor write speeds

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I personally have an MP510 480GB and have been facing the same issue as many other people on this forum. I have initially found a solution that soon proved to be temporary and in the longer run would be too much of a hassle to perform everytime.


I found out that doing a secure erase on the disk brings back the write speeds to normal, but it obviously comes at a cost of having to backup your disk for the duration of the process (unless you don't care about the data on it).


Before that, I have tried the powershell script that was supposed to do a zero-fill of the disk, but it did not work.


However, I decided to give Defraggler a try. It has the Optimize feature, which in theory does propably the same thing as the script does, but somehow this function actually worked for me. It took just a few minutes and I didn't have to go through a whole process of cloning the disk and wiping it (which for me is even more trobule as it's my OS drive).


I'm saying that it is a solution, but it's also not a definitive solution, however, performing it once in a while should not be a problem as much as any other method would be.

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