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System Revamp - Check Up

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Hi All


System spec in usual place.


I have the following ready for install:


Commander Pro

3 x QL120

3 x QL140

1 x XR5 280

1 x XR5 360

1 x XD3

1 x XC5

1 x Commander Pro

2 x Node Core

2 x Corsair light strips


System currently just uses 1 Node Core and 2 x light strips.


I run iCue already


I am thinking that the following setup is required but want to sanity check:


1 x Commander Pro

- 3 x QL120s on the XR5 360 Rad

- XD3 Res/Pump

- XR5 Block

1 x Node Core

- 2 x QL140s on the XR5 280 Rad

- 1 x QL140 Exhaust

- 2 x Light Strips


My assumptions on the above

* best put pump on the Commander Pro rather than the node (if that even works)

* best group "grouped" fans together on the same controller

* I'm not going to push too much power through the Commander Pro with this


Any comments or advice much appreciated!



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You can put all 6 QL fans together on the lighting node Core. You still have the option to run separate lighting effects for the two radiators even when on the same channel/circuit. Splitting them will cost you an extra SATA power connector and 5v current levels will not be an issue. It also will cost you a controller. You can only use fans on the LNC — no strips or Hydro X.


Therefore on the Commander you’ll put the Hydro X gear in one channel and the 2 strips on the other. No 5v current issues here. It’s only 32 + 20 LEDs. It also is not necessary for the PWM fan control and the RGB to be on the same device. You will need to remember in CUE fan speed control will be on the Commander while the lighting effects for the QL will be on the core device.

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