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XD5 Plastic Film Inside?

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Got a bit of an anomaly here. As mentioned in my other thread, I just finished my loop and low and behold, after adding the coolant, I discover what looks to be a plastic protector/covering at the bottom of the reservoir. You'll notice in the picture on the lower right side and the 45 degree angle, there appear to be what look like air bubbles on the inside.


I don't believe you can remove the top of the reservoir like with other manufacturers, so I don't think I missed removing any protective film. They also don't appear to be air bubbles from the fluid, as no amount of pressing or rotating the rig changes their position.


Is this a manufacturing defect?



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I took a look at your photo. That's really interesting. This is *inside* the reservoir?


I'm running a pair of XD5's in my build and took a quick look at mine very closely. I don't seem to have any plastic inside of my reservoir.


There is a video that bit-tech did where they tear down that XD5. [ame]

[/ame] If it's brand new, I wouldn't touch it myself. You may want to initiate a return with Corsair in my opinion. :[pouts:
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