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Corsair one a100 fan noise and Overheating

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My brand new Corsair A100 is acting all crazy it gets really warm when playing Call of duty: Warzone for example, the fan is way too loud for being "super quite" according to Corsair. I sweat like a pig sitting next to my A100. I have also updated the BIOS with zero result, how do i solve this problem?


For 4000€ it should be a solid PC

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You'd think that, but you'd be wrong... This is Corsair. I've owned an a100 for over a year. You don't even get acceptable support for that price tag.The machine's performance is much worse as compared to the same parts in a traditional case. They put a DisplayPort 1.2 extension between the inside and outside of the case, for a DisplayPort 1.4a card. There are MULTIPLE bugs in the iCUE that cause the fan to stop cooling your system. Corsair uses custom BIOS, and won't provided updates even if the board manufacturer has them available.


I would return the system while you still can, this is just the start of your headaches with Corsair. The form factor is the ONLY thing this machine has going for it, and it really isn't worth it. See the cliff notes version of my experience over the past year in this Post


I had to run the fan on my a100 at 100% all the time because of a bug in iCUE. I personally didn't find it that loud, but I guess that is subjective.


You can try setting a fixed fan %, but if the coolant on either side hits 60c (and it will) the system will start flashing red and ramp the fans up. There isn't much that you can do about the heat, you got a 250W GPU + 120W of CPU cranking away. That generates heat, no two ways about it.









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What are your temps, fan speeds, etc. showing in iCue? It’s hard to know how to help without that info.


The fan will spin up during a heavy load like a graphics intensive game. That’s entirely normal. But it should spin down under a less demanding load. Is it doing that?

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I feel scammed but it shouldn't be like that! @Corsair any solution? i can't have a PC running so da*n hot in the long run the system will collapse.


Small form factor PCs will ALWAYS run hotter than the same parts in a mid or full sized case. You are cramming hot parts closer together with muich less airflow.


That being said... IF iCUE is ramping up the fan to full speed, and that is a BIG if, then your system will be fine. The CPU and GPU will down-clock according to run at the heat load AMD / NVIDIA intends them to run at.

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