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Flickering or stuck LED fan lights (FIXED)

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I bought my motherboard in 2019 and it has the Asmedia USB controller and I experience flickering or stuck LED fan lights. I know I'm not alone so I'm posting my fix.


1) If you have more than one USB onboard controller check your manual and use the Asmedia alternative. That may fix it. If you only have Asmedia...


2) Reboot and load/login to everything you use. Steam, Epic, Drivers, Mouse software, etc. Then launch iCUE and test it out to see if it helps. (disable start with windows first)


If it works you can repeat that process every time you reboot or use delay apps or even configure a batch file to do it for you. I use the manual way so far and the annoyance far outweighs the annoyance of the lights malfunctioning.


I hope this helps. I've been dealing with this for a couple years now. I spent close to $200 on my lighting and it never behaved, until now! YMMV

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Just to clarify:


2) Disable iCUE start with windows. Then reboot, launch, login to your apps. Then launch iCUE and test. If an app isn't started before iCUE and you experience problems make sure to try the process again including that app and test again.


3) Onboard USB splitters like this haven't been tested by me, so if you do please report your findings.

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