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5000D + Capellix + LLs


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Hi guys, after 6 months of part hunting I am ready to start building my pc this weekend. Since this is the first time I am building a computer, I am bit nervous and want to make the construction part as smooth as possible.


I have recently acquired a 5000d Airflow case, 150i Capellix and 2 LL sets.


Current fan breakdown is: Case: 2 stock fans CPU cooler: 3 special ML fans 6 LL fans


My question is, what is the best layout that I should use?


Option A: Should I do 7 fans? ( 3 LLs front as intake, 3 capellix in push as exhaust and one extra fan either stock or LL as rear exhaust?)


Option B: 9 fans (3 LLs front as intake and 6 in push/pull config with Capellix (LLs push/MLs pull)).


Option C: 9 fans (3 LLs side intake, 3 LLs front intake and MLs in push as exhaust with Capellix)


Option D: 9 fans (3 MLs from Capellix on the front as intake, 3 LLs on the side as instake, 3LLs on the radiator as exhaust)


Is there another setup that I havent thought of?


I havent seem to find a layout diagram for 9 fans with 360m AIO on the 5000D. But I understand that I should be fine with the commander core.


Any help much appreciated, I promise to post pics once I get everything up and running. :)



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