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7000D Airflow Tinted Glass too tinted?


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Hi All!


I'm looking at upgrading my current case to the Corsair 7000D Airflow (black), however i'm slightly worried that the glass is too tinted. I have RGB Strips, but I wanted to vertically mount my GPU but because it has no RGB on it I am worried you wont be able to see it. Is it possible you can buy a less tinted glass from elsewhere? I know corsair sells the glass seperatly, but the less tinted glass has a white border which I feel wont look good with the black case and will look out of place. Has anyone got the black 7000d and can confirm if the glass is 'too tinted' or if you can buy replacement less tinted glass from anywhere?


Thanks for reading,


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The tint will be similar to 4000-series and 5000-series. If you use lighting strips that will light up the inside but Im not sure how well your graphics card will be showed off.


We do not sell any other glass than the one for the black case and the one for the white.


Best regards,


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