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Shuttle and Corsair Compatibility Question


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I just bought two Corsair CM72SD1024RLP-3200 1024MB DDR400 PC3200 and plugged them in to the two slots of a Shuttle XPC, SB61G2 v4 Mainboard and unit will not display or beep when powered-up, however various fans and lights work OK. SB61 user guide posts support for 184 pin DIMM slots, up to 2GB PC3200 compliant DDR SDRAM at 2.5V, 64-bit wide data path and also notes NO support for double-sided x16 DDR DIMMS. The Corsair spec sheet shows "organization: 128M x 72 bit". I have placed the memory sticks, one by one into two other known working PC's and observe the same result on power-up: no beeps, display or other indications of life except the power supply fans and other power indicator lights. Could the memory I purchased be broken? If so, can you direct me to exchange procedures?
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