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[Bug Report] Mouse DPI switching (hidden Stages)

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I'm using a Corsair Dark Core RGB mouse with iCUE 4 and there is a bug where if you select keep pressing the up DPI button on the mouse past the 3rd DPI switch, it goes into hidden DPI settings. There seems to be Stage 4+ and you cannot disable or change the DPI for those 'hidden' stages. This still happens even if you only allow 1 Stage to be active, if you keep pressing the DPI button it goes to that setting and it feels like a really high DPI so it's really annoying and abrupt.


I have deleted profiles, everything is up to date etc. and it still happens.


This seems like such a basic and simple thing that should not exist...

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I just got a new mouse and and when I was doing some macro key on the dpi mouse for quick button press for some reason it still making the dpi speed up still and my old dark core mouse never did that and that one was up to date


I've had this issue several times as well. The easiest way I was able to get rid of it was to turn the mouse off and on. I think it's calling to default profile DPI settings.


Another thing you may want to do is delete the on-board profiles (I did this for both my Dark Core and K95 since they are annoying when changing between profiles).

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I'm currently having the same issue. Just on DPI stage active at 800, all other stages set to 800 and disabled.

DPI up was rebound to -_ (Warzone ping) and DPI down =+(prone). Whenever I would ping or prone my sensitivity would be all over the place.

I found a work around, I think. This worked for me, but I'm not sure if it will help others.

Delete all the onboard mouse profiles.
Then upload the main profile you are using to all slots of the mouse's onboard memory.

This worked for me but there were times, I would have to redo the above steps. As something in icue or the mouse would reset, causing the dpi issue to return.

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