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Corsair h115 platinum not cooling my cpu.

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I am having issues with my cooler. My cpu is hitting 100° C when playing snowrunner. My cpu has never ran this hot under load before. I'm trying to find out if anyone can help me figure out if my cooler isn't working. My fans work just not sure if my pump is working. When I startup my cpu is around 60°C. I know this isn't right because it used to run a lot cooler. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks
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You need to look at the H115i Temp in CUE. This is coolant temp and normally runs about 4-7C above room/case temp. However, your initial idle temp suggests it is not and I am expecting a flow problem. If your H115i temp is 40-60C or you can watch it climb 25..30..35..40..45.. etc after booting, then you have a blockage and the unit needs to be replaced. Contact Corsair Support or look for a new cooler.
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You should either not run HWiNFO at the same time or set-up HWiNFO not to read Corsair internal devices. They usually get in each other's way and cause incorrect readings or even problems with the UI. You will likely need to quit the CUE app and restart the service after closing HWiNFO or simply reboot the entire PC.


If the coolant is 29C (or thereabouts) and you still see 60C idle temps, then it is likely because the CPU is under load. Check the Vcore level on the CUE dashboard (or elsewhere). It's possible your Rocket Lake CPU is effected by the same CPUID software error as my 10900K and this show your Vcore at 0.10-0.15 too low, but really you are looking at unloaded (0.625v) vs loaded (anything above 1.00v).


If your coolant is ~30C and you still see 100C in games, then either the block has slipped on its mount or the reading is false. Might look at this in reference to the above first.

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