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Corsair One i164, Rebooting Loop

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A couple of weeks ago, my Corsair One i164 (13 months old) began to reboot itself soon after daily startup. A few days after that it would reboot to BIOS. Well, this morning I noticed that the BIOS indicated that the boot drive (1TB M.2 SSD) was not listed, only the 2nd drive (2TB HD). So I opened the case, carefully removed the video card (RTX 2080Ti) to access the SSD, removed the SSD, cleaned the contacts by rubbing them on my T-Shirt. Reassembled everything, booted with no problems so far. Wish me luck!
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Hi JudgeMental,


Glad you're able to fix it and letting us know the details of the process. This is still valuable feedback as we don't want future units to undergo potential issues like this. If anything else comes up, please let us know. Thank you!

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I've been having the same issue with my i164. I have made W10 is up to date and ran the Corsair Diagnostics application, with all tests passing. It seems to be random issue. Does it for a few days, then works well. I have not cracked the case to clean contact as the unit is still under warranty. I did raise a support ticket with Corsair, but that actually led no where. 

I have now gone back to the supplier and waiting to see what they have to say. 

Got to say, I'm somewhat disappointed, but know these are high end units and problems occur. I use the computer for productivity not gaming, but it has become unreliable. 

As it is still under warranty, I do not want to open the case and explore the issue. Cheers


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