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680X with threadripper fan question.


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I have 680x case , msi creator trx40 , 3970x cpu , Asus rtx 3090 , and MSI's pcie card for extra m2's

Cooler is Hyro Series H115i Pro has 2x ML140 non RGB's

Csae have 3 front LL120 fans inlet and 1 ML120 on back.


Now i bought 5 x 140mm ML RGB's. And i need suggestions for directions and placements for fans. Is fronts fans can be replaced by 140mm fans ?


I think i'll use all of them for out except one inlet ( back of the case ). That could create negative pressure. But accualy i don't have enough knowledge on cooling and i need your suggestions.


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I would suggest having the fans on the radiator as intake; it'll pull cooler air in from the outside. The TR VRMs can get quite warm (as can all those NVMe drives) and that case heat and actually warm up the radiator.

Additionally, the glass at the top will act as a barrier if it is configured for exhaust and the heat will build up, negatively impacting your cooling. Again, switching to intake works better.

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