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SF750: How many PCI-E cables are in the box?


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I can't find this information on the Corsair product website.

There is only a cryptic drawing without a key.


I need to power a RTX3080 with three single 8-Pin-Connectors.


A Review shows only 2 split cables.


And the manual says:


PCIe 8 pin (6+2) cable Connectors per cable


(± 10mm)


Total connectors



Can't find a detailed foto which explains what it looks like exactly.


Are there 3 single PCI-E cables in the box?

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I don't get it. So the 2 cables in the box are splitted in two. That's a lot of clutter.


So how is the 3080 plugged in properly?


Does it need three slots of the SF750? In this case there is one cable missing.

Or just 2 slots with 2 splitted PCI-E cables whereas one lane is then unused.



Are there compatible non-splitted single PCI-E cables for this PSU?


Has anyone here a foto of a 3 connector 3080 united with the SF750?

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