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RM850x 2018 vs RM850x 2021


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In the market for a new power supply and wanted to go with Corsair.


Best buy is selling both the 2018 and 2021 versions of the RM850x and I am not sure which of these two is better. I heard the 2018 models are quieter and come with 3 PCI-E cables, whereas the 2021 version comes with 2 and is louder overall. However, the 2021 model is ever so slightly more efficient.


Now I did read from Tom's Hardware that only the initial units of the 2021 models were loud and have been revised to be quieter with a less aggressive fan curve. Is this true? And how would I know if I got the revised unit if I were to get the 2021 model?


Lastly, the 2018 model is going for $137.99 and the 2021 model for $149.99. I would love some help in deciding which of these two fantastic units to grab!



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Hello fellow user, 

There is currently no way to find out if you are purchasing the revised or old 2021 model. However, I would suggest that you purchase the RM850x 2018, as I would advise you not to risk it, as it is more likely that you would be getting the old 2021 model. Nevertheless, that is my opinion and your decision. The 2021 does not have any advantages over the 2018 model and the 2021 does not have the color white. 

Sincerely, Centurion

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