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Corsair ONE with 3080 Ti

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Corsair already has insane markups on these machines...


Look at the a200 Pro, $4400 for a 5950x / 3080 sitting on a b550 board using CL18 RAM and outdated display cable extensions that will limit your monitor options...


The markups are going to be insane if they ever release that machine. The machine's performance is much worse as compared to the same parts in a traditional case. There are MULTIPLE bugs in the iCUE that cause the fan to stop cooling your system. Corsair uses custom BIOS, and won't provided updates even if the board manufacturer has them available.


Their 'Award winning support' was a participation award, so what are you ACTUALLY paying a premium for?


Go to another company like REDUX and stay far away from this hot mess. The form factor is the ONLY thing these machines have going for it. I've owned an a100 for a year and had nothing but issues with it and Corsair.









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