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The Red Value for The LL Fans Seem to be Broken?

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So I was in the middle of a game when my fans, which had been set to white, suddenly turned red. All my other corsair stuff like the keyboard, lighting strips and cooler stayed the same, it was just the fans that changed colour.


At first I tried changing the static colour back to white but it was already on white, so I wasn't that surprised when nothing changed.


However, when I changed to the other static colour pre-sets, I noticed some weird stuff.


Pink/Magenta, white, yellow and of course red, all instantly turn red.


Dark blue is definitely the right colour, but light blue is pretty... teal?


Green is super weird because it is alternates between the correct colour and red.


So after the pre-sets failed me I decided to mess with the colour wheel and that's when I realised any value of red gives waaaaay more red than it's supposed to. This means that basically anything in the top half of the colour wheel including the very centre, just gives some shade of red.


Sometimes it goes red immediately and others it goes to the correct colour for less than a second and then goes red.


It's not all 1 shade of red, it seems that it gives the right colour but with loads of red added to it. This is even the case on rainbow. There you get a rainbow with too much red that then flashes a bunch.


I'm not sure what to do or what even happened. I've got "enable SDK" disabled which fixed my keyboard being red a few weeks ago but other than that I'm stumped. Help me out here please.

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I found a temporary solution. At R255 G255 B255 the light turns red. However, if I lower all of the values enough, it's not as bright but it does stay white. So now I've set them to R220 G220 B220 and they aren't changing. Still, I'm extremely confused as to why this is even happening.
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for me it usually happens when strips overheat as they do when set to white. blue gives up first then green.

but the fact that all of your fans mess up simultaneously, it's possible that the very first fan on the hub is becoming weak. Could be worth trying to swap its connexion with the very last one to see if the behaviour follows that fan only, or if all the fans keep going red.


Even if it's not that, full white is not exactly good for longevity since you drive the LEDs hard, pulling the most current and making them run hot constantly

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