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Furniture RGB to ICUE


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Maybe a stuppid question, but i am receiving my upgrade tommorow with the H150i and i am all new to RGB and ICUE...


I was wondering if it would be possible in some way to connect the RGB from my tv furniture to control (and if possible sync) with ICUE.


This is my furniture:



The RGB lighting set included with the furniture looks something like this, only mine has 3 controllers and much more lights:



I did see some video saying its possible to connect ANY rgb to ICUE and was wondering if it could be done somehow.


I would allready be happy if it was possible to turn the lights on and off with ICUE, but offcourse it would be great if i also could change color or maybe even sync.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. But does anyone think this would be possible somehow?

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Sadly not.. What you use is normal RGB strips which cannot be controlled by each pixel, iCUE supports the use of ARGB which can address each LED pixel.


You can however make your own withg some B2812 strips.. They are the same Corsair makes, then you just need a device like the commandor or lightning pro to control it. Just remember, it's 60 LEDs pr channel and there is 2 channels pr device. Unless you are using LS100. And from your image, it seems like you have a good amount of LEDs in there, so that would become very expensive.

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