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ICUE Software just plain bad

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Hello everyone,


I've been using ICUE Software for my corsair Vengeance PRO RGB ram stick for about 4 months now on an asus board. Now, we all know how Asus Armory suck to begin with and how they both can't exist at the sametime if you want to control ram with ICUE. So Asus Armory isn't installed nor the lighting service. I have razer synapse also install but it's only controlling it's own product, much like corsair ICUE does (I'm not using ICUE to control argb header).


I was on version 3.x vefore, now on 4.x since I think 2 month. Neither of them just work correctly.


Recurring problem: Look at ram, ram effect aren't what it should be. Click on the tray icon, oh the almighty red triangle on the ram again. Close ICUE, kill the service, start ICUE back, lighting effect back.


Dim position setting. This has never stick. Sooner or later, it get "reset" to 1-2-3-4 and is nowhere close to how it's layout on my board.


Seriously, I don't know how you guys code, I've been making software and drivers for more then 20 years and I've never seen something so badly implement. Even worst, there's open source software out there like Jack RGB Sync and OpenRGB that can do anything with any lighting regardless of vendor, change each pixel of light and they just work. What I don't understand is how you can make a software that forget it's configuration like lighting effect and dimm placement. The board ID didn't change nor the ram ids, so why, if it's a problem of hardware refresh, does it change. It should have a memory somewhere of the placement of each ids and default it to the last saved. I really don't know how you do your stuff, but for a V4 software, getting interference with other software making it useless, you clearly need better programmer.

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