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AX860i weird voltage drop during heavy load

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Hey guys ,


I have a AX860i since 2013 now , but there is a weird voltage drop when there i don't know how to interpret this but i'll post a picture for you to see :



I was running ROG furmark at the same time , so the 12V at the PSU level seems to be stable but when you are looking at GPU + 12V on aida64 Extreme , it drops down to a really low level , here 11.188V way below the ATX voltages tolerances specs that should be no more than 5% meaning 11.4 to 12.6 V.


So my question is what's wrong with that low voltage ? does this mean that the PSU is struggling to provide a stable 12V at the PCIe connector level ? What does this value means on Aida64 ?


Thanks !

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Yes i use some PCIe extension cables for the 8 and 6 pins , they measure 45 cm in length, they are BitFenix Alchemy Black and red , do you think they can cause some drops like this ?




My Ax860i is set on multirail mode rail right ? If you are looking at Aida64 extreme , the GPU vrm's are consuming 65A way more than the 40A than corsair link is actually showing at the screen if the PSU is in multi rail mode . Should i give a try in single rail mode and remove the PCIe extensions cable ? how do i set the PSU in single rail mode ?

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try connecting the GPU without extensions and see what the drop is, if there's any.

My experience of extensions.. i used two sets.

The first one dropped the GPU voltage to 11.6V under load, the second 11.8V. Still in spec but using the PSU cables or cablemod cables (not extensions) i got 12.2V..

A colleague i gave my first extensions had even worse result at 11.4V. he removed them.


It's worth trying without them.

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