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iCUE Software Lagging with Docking Station

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Hello. I have a unique issue.


I had my K70 Keyboard & RGB Elite Mouse installed on my previous work laptop and I had no issues.

I received a new laptop from IT and I've installed the Corsair software.


I currently use a WD15 Docking Station with my Dell laptop to connect three monitors (1 VGA and 2 HDMI).


With my laptop, if I connect the mouse and do NOT connect the docking station; the mouse/keyboard appear to have full functionality.


However, if I connect the docking station AND the mouse/keyboard, I have the following issues:


The Corsair iCUE software is VERY laggy. When I click options, it is very delayed (sometimes minutes) for the click to register and the software to show the selection clicked. The software will turn to "Not Responding" and grayed out until it finally registers what I clicked on.


These problems are only occurring when the docking station is connected.


I have uninstalled/reinstalled everything. I have also deleted all the Program Files & Local App Data for the initial install. I've updated all of the drivers (docking station, laptop, graphics, etc.) in hopes that one would trigger a resolution. I've deactivated the USB ports on the hub in case they were causing problems.


Anyone know of a resolution to this problem?

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Unfortunately our products and are not supported/compatible with docking stations and/or KVMs of any kind as they can lead to issues such as you are experiencing. It is always our recommendation to connect the devices directly to USB ports on the physical computer.
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