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2 identical PCs, different RPM speeds on extreme AIO profiles?

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Hi Guys,


Can someone please explain what is going on here? I have 2 identical PCs (2 teenagers at home :-))


-Running 3.38.61 iCUE. (Planning on trying iCUE 4.x.x in the future).

- MSI Tomahawk x570 mobo - latest 172 bios with AMD ComboAM4PIV2 RGB mobo lights disabled in BIOS)

- h100i AIO with 2 LL120 fans

- 32gb 4x8GB Dominator Platinum RGB RAM

- 3 x LL120 case fans which came with fan hub / lightning node pro. (PWM speed controlled in BIOS)

- 3080 Asus TUF GPU


Win 10 with latest updates, AMD drivers, GPU drivers etc.


I'm attaching both pictures. I don't get why extreme profile run fans at different speeds on 2 identical systems. Please see the attached pictures.


Any ideas?



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There is a small difference between coolant temps in the two pics (28.1 vs 29.9C) and the curve for extreme is a bit steep in places. I’ll would need to grab a Platinum cooler to check for sure, but it may be the intended speed. I generally recommend most users make duplicates of the presets so they can tweak the min/max points of the curve and see what they are. The room or more specifically the internal case ambient temp is going to have the strongest impact on coolant temp. Someone in a tropical climate is going to see it blasting from power on and at idle but some one in a cold 16C room can run a stress test all day and the fans will casually stroll along.


Performance tab + creates a custom curve. In the corner of the newly appeared graph are three shape tools, each corresponding to the the three presets. Pick the flattest one, you can rename it “Custom Quiet” or whatever, and then adjust any points required. Besides control, this will also allow to see the curve points and what value corresponds to what coolant temp. I am not sure if cue crashed and froze on CPU 1 or if that is the takeoff point of the curve, but this is a better way to do control for most users. You can make additional duplicates of the balanced and extreme profiles with the other two shape tools.


If you are setting these up so the kids do not need to mess with anything, I suggest using the Quiet profile as the base. Barring a failure of the pump, you can’t overheat the CPU based on fan speed. The difference between aggressive and mild profiles will be a matter of 3-5C of cpu/coolant temp. Unless you are running at the cpu limit through over locking and high voltage, that’s never going to matter. Take the quiet option that will still blast off above 40C coolant to warn the end user something is off. That may spare you a few “the computer is loud” service calls and noise should be the guiding hand for how most users run their fans.

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