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Sequencing RGB Effects


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Pardon, if this has been asked already and answered. I"m on Government computer at the moment and its 1990's slow.


Scenario and Build


5000X CASE




I plan on having 3 fans plugged into the cases Lighting Node Core and 6 plugged into the AIO's Commander Core. My question is this, for sequencing effects (i.e. VISOR) how do the fans get numbered as each controller has to start with the 1 slot. The 5000x fans are the front 3, the AIO fans are the 3 side fans, 2 Radiator fans, and 1 rear exhaust fan.

Thanks in advance

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There is a hidden hierarchy for the two moving Lighting Link effects (Visor and Color Wave). It is mostly device based, but it is possible specific types of connections in the RGB channels may alter the order.


KB -> Mouse -> RGB mouse pad -> Lighting Node Pro -> Lighting Node Core -> Commander Pro -> Commander Core -> RAM -> External Ambient Lighting (LS100, LT100, ST100).


So in your less complex set up, you are going to need two lighting controllers for the 9 fans. One will be the Commander Core required to make the Elite AIO function. There should also be a Lighting Node Core in the 5000X and certainly in any SP-Elite multi-packs.


Lighting Node Core (small device) -> Commander Core (large device). You will have to break the 9 into 2 groups and the only logical way here is 6 + 3 or 3 + 6 depending on how you want the lighting to be grouped. You can control the order by connecting the fans you want to be first to the LNC and the next group of fans to the Com Core. I suspect the pump OLED will fire after the fans on the Com Core, but I can't test that right now. However, that means you likely want the top/rear fans to be on the Commander Core for RGB control if you want the pump LED to fire in that sequence. That may not be important to you and can be disregarded for another preference.


I will caution you about setting up solely with Lighting Link sequential effects in mind. For example, if you wanted to make visor trace the route starting from the front, you would likely go 1-2-3 front starting from the top, then 4-5-6 on side MB wall slot starting at the bottom. This is all on the LNC. That takes you to the front top fan which should be number 1 on the Com Core and then move 2-3 to the back. While this makes it follow a direct path through the case, it will then group the front 3 and side 3 fans on a controller. This precludes you from running sequential effects from the front 1-2-3 through the top. Depending on your viewing angle, you may prefer the side fans be a separate group. This is going to require some fiddling on your end to see what your prefer. Remember sets of fans on the same controller can be made to do different things. The front 3 can do spiral rainbow and the side 3 can be set to some thing else even if they are the same controller. Use CTRL + left click drag the box to highlight select fans or LEDs. You can set a different lighting effect for all 6 fans on the same controller.

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