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Bad Commander Core Straight Out of the Box?

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Hi, I am having trouble with my iCue H150i Elite Capellix.


Everything appear to be hooked up correctly, but neither the fans do spin nor the pump is running as I get unusually high CPU temperature (85C at idle). I have to plug a fan into the CPU_Fan header just to get the system to post.


The same thing happens when I plug in the AIO into a different system. Is it safe to say my unit has a defective commander core upon arrival?


Many Thanks!

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No, that was just the "we got your ticket" acknowledgment. If you log in and go to your tickets, you should be able to see any responses and it should generate an email to you each time some one adds one.


You also may have return options with the purchase vendor. I don't see any user solutions for this. As long as the device has power and the cable from Commander Core to pump connected, you should not get the CPU boot error. That is a deliberate warning sign there is a problem.

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