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Corsair HD120 software issue

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so i have been using corsair fans for like 2 years and all of the sudden i have issues with the lightning.


Top fan is blinking and when I turn off iCue software every fan goes crazy. Changing opacity indicates that its fan issue but software. Also i changed corsair hub that connects the fans to lightning node and its still not working properly.


Video here:





Any thoughts how to fix it? And the fan noise in video is not coming from PC but from big fan in the room :P


What i tried:

changing hubs and nodes

changing rgb cables

updating firmware

updating icue

reverting back

restarting icue services

checking all connections

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is that top fan the one connected to port 1 ?


If it is, try swapping 1 with 6 to see if all the fans behave normally besides that top one.


That issue is usually one or several dead LEDs on the first fan in the daisy chain, messing up data for all the chain.

Unfortunately, that's a very common end to fans running white presets on full brightness. maximum current, minimum life expectancy.

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so it is hardware issue :/ Thanks that solved my problem. Need to find me a new fan then. I also set everyting to 50% brightness maybe it will help, you learn something everyday!

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the harder you drive the LEDs, the sooner they will fail, that's just the nature of it :)

each RGB LED is in fact 3 LEDs, one of each color, but on the same die. setting them all 3 to full power (for white) will warm up the chip the most, that's what kills it. Once one die kicks the bucket, it creates all sorts of mayhem as you saw, data gets corrupted when passed to the next LED, and it messes up the whole chain after the dead chips.


That's good to know also for LED strips, or anything ARGB related.


And uh, don't wait too long to get that HD120, this series is end of life, so, supply will be scarce!

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