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Hi guys, thank you for having me here, i contacted corsair twice its been 3 weeks no replies, at this point I think they dont even want to reply back to me it seems, I am having a issue as the title says for a while now, and i dont know the cause and its getting annoying, Now and then i turn my pc on and i open icue be it the latest version 4 or the most uptodate version 3, sometimes the ram is not listed in my devices and i have to close the icue icone from the taskbar and re open it and the ram re appears, sometimes the ram is just there with zero issues. What i have done to fix the issue:


Reseated ram

Re install Corsair icue version 3 and 4

Re install the OS


I am just lost to why my other devices are fine, my keyboard and mouse works fine and listed fine, if i enable plugins and use my motherboard through icue since its a asus board works fine.

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Any software that polls data from the ram will make it stop working in ICUE. Example apps, hardware info typhoon burner.


I wondered what caused that. Thanks for the answer.

My ram rgb acts up once in a while.

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I have removed HW monitor, speccy, the only thing i have on my pc is nzxt cam which i am aware pulls ram info but strange thing is when the ram vanishes nzxt cam under the ram section shows only stick of ram detected, windows shows full 32gb so does bios also ram is detected fine if i install any other program, issue is when corsair looses ram NZXT cam miss behaves. I doubt NZXT Cam can cause a conflict as i have used there software for years is there a fix foe icue?
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