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iCUE4 and systems with multiple users logged on

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Hi, first time here in a long time!


I have a K95 RGB (old style with 18 G-keys) and have just moved to a new PC, which has caused me to upgrade to iCUE4.


Mostly this has been smooth, but a big stopper is its tendency to crash when switching between users. The keyboard just stops being seen by iCUE, so stops changing lights and, more importantly, loading key assignments.


This has always been an occasional issue with iCUE tbh, but had got a lot better with later versions of 3.x and I used to be able to fix it by either killing iCUE and restarting or switching into BIOS mode and back, which seemed by the tone to cause a USB rediscovery.


However, with iCUE4 neither seems to work and in fact seems to make things worse, where the keyboard frequently becomes completely unresponsive and the only answer is a full reboot.


Has anyone experienced similar problems?


Is there a way anyone has discovered to successfully reset iCUE4 without a complete system reboot??!


Thanks for any help you can provide :)

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