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Compatibility of current AIOs with the new socket from Intel lga 1700


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They won't say until it's ready - that's just how Corsair is. That said, historically, they have - certainly they made them available when the Ryzens were first released. So there will be mounts, rest assured. The question is what will they cost?
Also, considering that many of their competitors have already announced that they'll be providing them for free, Corsair would be foolish not to do the same. Certainly, they did with the Ryzen mounts for the coolers that were current at the time. But I wouldn't expect mounts for older coolers that are long out of production - like the H100i V2, for example.

If they, however, do charge for them, I am pretty confident that the feedback from the community would be loud and clear and probably convince them to change their minds.

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