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iCueConnect: The Android App To Control iCUE


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Hello everyone! I'm a software developer who has been working on what I call iCueConnect. iCueConnect is a Android app that allows you to control your iCUE leds in real time from anywhere in the world, as well as offers the functionality of notification controlled leds (i.e. flash your leds to the color of the app that you received a notification from).


For anyone that is interested follow the two readme links below, and you'll be controlling your leds from your Android device in no time!



DISCLAIMER:I do not work for nor did I partner up with Corsair to produce this application. I am simply an enthusiast who just wanted to bring an idea to life.

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Can you make an iOS app? Please! 😀

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Wait, wait, wait, so there is an application for Android that allows us to control iCueConnect?! Seriously? Man, does it happen that I found out about it only now?! For f sake, that's so annoying. And I actually needed it a couple of months ago. Now, I don't even care about this damn app. I even decided to develop my own app for this purpose. But, I couldn't find the app builder that would fit my requirements for this app. But, does that also work from the smartwatches, or it's only available for Android smartphones?

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