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Odd (annoying) problem with ICU and Elite Capellix

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I have 3 RGB fans that came with my H150i Elite Capellix, as well as the commander core. Now all ports are powered.


Now fans 1, 2, and 3 are plugged into the respective RGB hub ports, 1, 2 and 3. For whatever reason, whatever port fan 2 is plugged into, does not let it light up, and the other 3 ports not being used do not light up as well. Here is where it gets tricky...


If I plug fan 2 into an already lit up port (Fan 1 or Fan 3's RGB port), the fan lights up just fine, but ICUE still doesnt recognize it. Now if I force update the Capellix on ICUE the ports change and whatever is not used as well as whatver Fan 2 is plugged into bricks.


To be clear, I am strictly talking about the RGB hub on the commander core.

Can anyone help me out here?




I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times.

The commander core is plugged directly into my motherboard( I have already switched around the USB ports it is in, to no avail).

Before yesterday I have had this issue. Yesterday evening I had messed around with the fans, and all 3 were working fine. I then tried to download an audio responsive wallpaper on wallpaper engine and it started having this issue again.

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If my computer is on, am I not able to hot swap the RGB hub cables to different ports? I was afraid that the problem was my CoCo or software since ICUE didnt recognize the fans until a forced update, and that the other ports that were not in use did not light up immediately when hot swapped
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