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Native iCue 3080Ti FE support


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Sorry if I missed this.


Any date for iCue to natively support the 3080Ti FE? I have Armoury Crate installed but it keeps knocking out my Vengeance RGB Pro RAM. I have unticked the RAM from Armoury Crate.


Actually the behaviour is interesting. Either the GPU obeys iCue, or the RAM, but not both. No config changes to iCue or Armoury Crate. Neither are ticked in Armoury Crate, and Armoury Crate is closed. If the GPU starts obeying iCue, the RAM stops (freezes on whatever colour it was on when the GPU starts changing).


I'd rather ditch Armoury Crate, especially as the LEDs in my Asus Mobo stopped working a while ago.


Any ideas on native 3080Ti FE support in iCue?

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