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Icue inside Proxmox hosted Windows VM

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I have been trying to get ICUE working inside a proxmox hosted windows vm so that I can control the AIO that is installed in the machine. I am able to get ICUE installed and running and the aio appears in the device manager but it seems ICUE is unable to detect the AIO.


I have attempted passing through the usb device when it is plugged into the motherboard and it appears windows sees it and the drivers get installed but ICUE can't see it.


I have added in a pcie add in usb card and passed the whole usb card into the vm with pcie passthrough. The card is detected, when i plug the AIO into the Card it seems windows is able to detect it but it alas ICUE doesn't detect it.


The cooler is working correctly as I am able to plug it into a computer next to me proxmox server and the icue on that machine can detect it. it is nativly running windows.


Why is icue unable to detect the cooler inside of a vm when the vm sees the AIO and installs the correct drivers?

This seems like it should work and should be straight forward.

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Unfortunately we do not support iCUE being used in VMs as you can run into complications with things such as USB passthrough and the devices being detected. Unfortunately there isn't much we will be able to do while you attempt to utilize iCUE in a VM environment.
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