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Right Shift not working K70 RGB Rapidfire

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Hi all, my right shift key has stopped working recently. Sadly I shipped this keyboard half way around the world to get my hands on it, so shipping it back for support isn't really an option.


What sort of things can I try to get it going again for myself? I have tried removing the cap and directly pressing it, still no response.

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Hi MitterT,


It sounds like it might be a faulty switch, the only potential solution I can think of if that's the case is possibly disassembling the board and desoldering and resoldering a new switch onto it, but not everybody has the tools or skills to do it.


I would open a ticket with our support team, explain to them your situation, ask if they can ship you a replacement first. Assuming the rest of the keyboard works fine, you can use it in the meantime and use the Left Shift key for now? Once your replacement unit arrives, test to see that it's fully functional and then ship the old one back to us.

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