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Hey there! I have been having an issue with my headset I have been using. I have a Void Elite Wireless headset, and I love it, but recently I tried to do an update for it but I had to cancel it during the update and then for some reasons it has not worked since.

It says it is up to date now, and I have tried everything to fix it from uninstalling the drivers and uninstalling icue and reinstalling it, with new drivers but it just wont work. it shows that it is connected and it powers on and the RGB works, but just no sound or mic.

I was getting this yellow exclamation mark before, but it didn't say what the issue was, and when I installed the latest icue it turned into a red power icon

if anyone could help me that would be greatly appreactied.


I included and attachment of what I'm seeing with my headset.


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nevermind, i finally figured it out. some how the dongle got disconnected from the headset and wasn't pairing anymore. i found the hole on the dongle and was able to reset it and establish a connection again to my headset
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