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Flashing Red Lights and Fan

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Just got a new Corsair One i200 a few days ago. For the first two days everything was perfect.


Starting this morning, while just surfing, etc., I heard the fan spin up for the first time. It startled me! I also noticed that the lights on the front started flashing red.


After watching it a while and using iCUE, it appears that the fan spins up whenever the CPU Coolant temp gets to 60C. That's fine with me. My problem is the flashing lights. When the fan spins the right red light flashes (usually four times) and when it spins down the left side flashes before going back to the normal blue.


As I said, I'm fine with the fan coming on periodically. (It's still way quieter than the rig it is replacing), But do the flashing red lights suggest a problem with the cooling system?


Thanks for any help you can offer.

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This is a bug in the iCUE software that has gone unresolved for over a year. Basically iCUE turned off your fan, so the coolant temps skyrocketed. When they hit 60c, hardware protection kicks in and ramps up the fan to 100%. When coolant temps fall below 60c control is returned to iCUE which will then turn off the fan.


This same thing happened to me a few weeks after I bought my a100 last year. I opened a support ticket for it, and it took 2 months for me to get them to understand the issue and that it wasn't weather related. They said they needed to message the iCUE team and marked my issue as resolved. The bug still exists in both iCUE3 and iCUE4, it was never fixed. I had to connect my fan to the motherboard header and run it at 100% to ensure adequate cooling of both the CPU and GPU.


Corsair support is absolutely horrendus, it will take months to try and get this fixed. Meanwhile iCUE will be slowly baking your hardware to death. This post pretty much sums up my experience during the year I owned this machine. In order to RMA my machine for a BIOS update, I had to build a completely new machine so that I could continue to work. When they got the machine, they said that there were replacing the cooler and SSD. What I got back was a completely different machine, without the updated BIOS. I ended up selling the refurbished as I don't need this headache in my life.


I love the form factor of this machine, but Corsair doesn't properly support these machines. They are overpriced for the hardware that you get, and due to cooling the CPUs under-perform compared to a decent air cooler. There is also this where a Corsair employee admitted that they are using HDMI 2.0 / DisplayPort 1.2 extensions internally. This makes high resolution + high refresh rate monitors hit or miss, I personally had issues running a 4k / 165hz.


I suggest you return the system while you still can. The form factor is nice, but it really isn't worth the headache of dealing with support for an under-performing system that can't be upgraded.

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Thanks very much for this. It is very odd that the Default profile for the fan is to keep it perpetually off, except when the hardware failsafe kicks in. Why is there no simple fan curve as in every other computer?


My current workaround is to use the Custom profile to set the fan to 35% (659 RPM), which is still essentially silent. That keeps the CPU Coolant below 40C for most tasks. If I am doing something really intensive, then I use the Extreme profile.


It is just odd that I have to do manually what other computers do automatically... Otherwise, I like the i200. But I will keep my eye on the return window.

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