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5000X Front panel causing frametime spikes

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This is bizarre. Ok, for months I have had random frametime spikes in games that run smooth. The spike is a one off then back to normal and happens just a few times every ten mins or so.


Like so many others who have frametime issues, I tried all the fixes and even swapped some parts out, with no joy. Then yesterday I saw someone say to remove the USB 3 cable from the motherboard. Well, I thought "no way will that work" and yet it did.


Now it's not just my Corsair case as the person who told others to try this had a Phankeks case, so it's not just a Corsair thing and it cannot be on all cases as this would be well known. This leads me to think that it is a grounding issue with the front panel, but I am really not sure and not sure how to explain this to Corsair as the case is only a few months old. (don't see them admitting to any production faults)


Any had this before or know more about what causes it?



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After speaking with others who mentioned that the USB HD audio can also cause issues, I removed that cable but it made no difference. It is only the USB 3 cable that causes the frametime spikes.


I did also try an Asus Z590 motherboard and as soon as I plugged the USB 3 cable in; the spikes came back. This at least ruled out the motherboard.


It looks like it is a grounding issue with the front panel, be it just mine or all of them.


The problem is most people who have a case that does this, will be trying every other fix there is and even swapping parts out like I did, not knowing that it's the USB 3, because let's face it, it's the last thing I would ever think of.


The original person who told me about this had a Phanteks case, so it's an issue that can appear on all makes, really, but I am just unsure if it's just my luck all the entire line?

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